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Verspronck, Jan Cornelisz [Dutch, 1597-1662] 











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Verspronck, Jan Cornelisz [Dutch, 1597-1662]

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Jan Cornelisz Verspronck was a Dutch portrait painter noted for his portraits of children. He was trained in the studio of his father, Cornelis Engelsz., who painted portraits, kitchen still lifes and genre scenes. He joined the guild of St Luke in 1632 and spent his entire life as a portrait painter of his fellow townsmen. He was more than twenty years younger than Frans Hals and may have worked in his studio. He was certainly powerfully influenced by Hals's style. His most imposing works are the two group portraits of 1641 and 1642 of the Regentesses of the St Elizabeth Hospital which form a counterpart to the portrait of the Regents of the same institution painted by Hals in the same years. All three paintings hang today in the Frans Halsmuseum in Haarlem.

Verspronck produced about 100 known paintings. His Girl in blue appeared on September 15, 1945, on the bank note for 25 Dutch guilders. The bank note had a circulation of approximately 39 million, and was removed from circulation on February 1, 1953.


  Verspronck, Jan Cornelisz [Dutch, 1597-1662]

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