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e.Gallery: Navigation Hints

How to Tour the Galleries

From the e.Gallery home page, click on a main Gallery name. You will be taken to the directory for that Gallery, which may include sub-galleries, titles of specific works, and/or “contact sheets” of multiple images. Click your way through these Galleries and Directories to get to individual works of art.

The images are presented as small thumbnails. Click on an image to display a larger version of the work.

From any place in the e.Gallery, you may use the menu buttons at the top of the page to go to another main Gallery. Just below the buttons, you will see a directory listing showing exactly where you are. For example, you may see: Home → Century → 20th Century → Kahlo Frida. To return to a previous level, you may click on that directory (e.g., Century). You may also click on Previous Level to go back one level, or Top Level to return to the main Directory of Galleries.

If the Gallery contains a large number of images, the small thumbnail images will be presented on more than one page. If so, you may use the drop-down box to navigate among the pages within the Gallery.

From any location in the e.Gallery, you may click on More info from ArtCyclopedia to open another window with the relevant entry on the ArtCyclopedia's website.

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