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Schiele, Egon [Austrian, 1890-1918]

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Austrian expressionist artist Egon Leo Adolf Schiele, b. June 12, 1890, d. Oct. 31, 1918, was at odds with art critics and society for most of his brief life. Even more than Gustav Klimt, Schiele made eroticism one of his major themes and was briefly imprisoned for obscenity in 1912. His treatment of the nude figure suggests a lonely, tormented spirit haunted rather than fulfilled by sexuality. At first strongly influenced by Klimt, whom he met in 1907, Schiele soon achieved an independent anticlassical style wherein his jagged lines arose more from psychological and spiritual feeling than from aesthetic considerations. He painted a number of outstanding portraits, such as that of his father-in-law, Johann Harms (1916; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City), and a series of unflinching and disquieting self-portraits. Late works such as The Family (1918; Oesterreichische Galerie, Vienna) reveal a newfound sense of security.


  Schiele, Egon [Austrian, 1890-1918]

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Size: 261 KB [thumbnail of artists_wife.jpg]
Dims: 806 x 1050
Type: JPG
File: artists_wife.jpg
Title: Portrait of the Artist's Wife, Seated
Size: 50 KB [thumbnail of akt01.jpg]
Dims: 427 x 638
Type: JPG
File: akt01.jpg
Title: Standing male nude, from back
Size: 46 KB [thumbnail of akt02.jpg]
Dims: 420 x 629
Type: JPG
File: akt02.jpg
Title: Standing male nude - self-portrait
Size: 219 KB [thumbnail of deathag.jpg]
Dims: 1019 x 765
Type: JPG
File: deathag.jpg
Title: The Death and the Girl
Size: 126 KB [thumbnail of egonschiele_couple.j]
Dims: 600 x 787
Type: JPG
File: egonschiele_couple.j
Title:  Seated Couple (Egon and Edith Schiele)
Size: 89 KB [thumbnail of egonschiele_femalenu]
Dims: 539 x 977
Type: JPG
File: egonschiele_femalenu
Title: Female Nude
Size: 65 KB [thumbnail of egonschiele_kosmack.]
Dims: 600 x 594
Type: JPG
File: egonschiele_kosmack.
Title: Eduard Kosmack
Size: 28 KB [thumbnail of egonschiele_malenude]
Dims: 504 x 546
Type: JPG
File: egonschiele_malenude
Title: Seated Male Nude
Size: 83 KB [thumbnail of egonschiele_mother.j]
Dims: 600 x 575
Type: JPG
File: egonschiele_mother.j
Title: Mother and Two Children
Size: 95 KB [thumbnail of egonschiele_nudeself]
Dims: 589 x 904
Type: JPG
File: egonschiele_nudeself
Title: Self-Portrait Standing
Size: 226 KB [thumbnail of embrace.jpg]
Dims: 1125 x 664
Type: JPG
File: embrace.jpg
Title: Embrace (Lovers II)
Size: 103 KB [thumbnail of esfamily.jpg]
Dims: 644 x 605
Type: JPG
File: esfamily.jpg
Title: The Family
Size: 213 KB [thumbnail of family.jpg]
Dims: 900 x 850
Type: JPG
File: family.jpg
Title: The Family
Size: 91 KB [thumbnail of fenster.jpg]
Dims: 645 x 505
Type: JPG
File: fenster.jpg
Title: Wall with Windows
Size: 151 KB [thumbnail of fighter.jpg]
Dims: 737 x 1144
Type: JPG
File: fighter.jpg
Title: Fighter
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