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Monet, Claude [French, 1840-1926]

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Claude Monet: # Thumbnails of 12 pictures - _monet.jpg
Claude Monet: Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 1867 [New York] - adresse.jpg
Claude Monet: Gare St.Lazare, 1877 [London] - stlazare.jpg
Claude Monet: The Bodmer Oak, Fontainebleau Forest, 1865 [New York] - bodmer_o.jpg
Claude Monet - Jean Monet Sleeping .jpg 196k - jean monet sleeping.jpg
Claude Monet - Sisley Dinner .jpg 152k - dinner.jpg
Claude Monet - "Jardin de l'infante" 164k - jardin.jpg
Claude Monet - "Bougival Thaw" 102k - bougival.jpg
Claude Monet: The Waterlily Pond, 1899 [London] - jpbridg2.jpg
Claude Monet: The Japanese Bridge, 1918 [Minneapolis] - jpbridge.jpg
Claude Monet: The Highway Bridge at Argenteuil, 1874 [Washington] - hwybridg.jpg
Claude Monet: Boulevard des Capucines, 1873 [Kansas City] - capucine.jpg
Claude Monet: Garden in Bordighera, Impression of Morning, 1884 [St.Petersburg] - bordgher.jpg
Claude Monet: Bordighera, 1884 [Chicago] - bordighe.jpg
Claude Monet: Bordighera, Italy, 1884 [private] - bordigi.jpg
Claude Monet: Bordighera, Italy (DETAIL) - bordigix.jpg
Claude Monet: Haystacks at Chailly at Sunrise, 1865 [San Diego] - hayricks.jpg
Claude Monet: The Corniche of Monaco, 1884 [Amsterdam] - corniche.jpg

MONET, Claude
Saint-Lazare Station
Oil on canvas
54.3 x 73.6 cm (21 3/8 x 29 in.)
National Gallery, London

MONET, Claude
Garden at Sainte-Adresse
Oil on canvas
98.1 x 129.9 cm (38 5/8 x 51 1/8 in.)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

MONET, Claude
The Women in the Garden
oil on canvas
Musee d'Orsay, Paris

Claude Monet
"Sisley Dinner"
51x66 cm

Claude Monet
"Bougival Thaw"
65 x 81 cm

Claude Monet
"Jardin de l'infante"
91.8 x 62 cm

MONET, Claude
The Waterlily Pond
The National Gallery, London

MONET, Claude
The Japanese Bridge
Probably 1918-24
Oil on canvas
89 x 116 cm (35 x 45 3/4 in.)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

MONET, Claude
The Highway Bridge at Argenteuil
Oil on canvas
60 x 79.7 cm (23 5/8 x 31 3/8 in.)
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

In this painting, Monet weaves a complex composition of interconnected forms.
The foundation of the arrangement is four horizontal bands: the near shore,
the water, the far shore and the sky. A pattern of shapes and lines is then
overlaid to tie the different areas of the composition together. The dominant
link is the bridge which on the pictorial level spans the river to bind the
shores; on a compositional level, it spans the entire arrangement, connected
to and linking all four of the basic forms in the painting. The boats provide
an interesting latticework of lines with their masts and rigging. The central
mast joins the water, far shore and sky, while the echoing lower mast connects
visually all the way down to the unseen portion of the near shore. The
cropping of this mast at the bottom of the canvas, a favorite Impressionist
device, provides an especially dynamic link between the near shore (and by
extension the very feet of the viewer) and the sky. The composition of this
work is extremely pleasing to the eye, which is led effortlessly across the
canvas and back again, into depth and returned to the picture plane, in a
constant dynamic interplay of lines and forms.

MONET, Claude
Boulevard des Capucines
Oil on canvas
79.4 x 59 cm (31 1/4 x 23 1/4")
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri

MONET, Claude
Garden in Bordighera, Impression of Morning
Oil on canvas
25 3/4 x 32 in. (65.5 x 81.5 cm.)
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
No. 3KP 522. Formerly collection Otto Krebs, Holzdorf

MONET, Claude
Oil on canvas
64.8 x 81.3 cm (25 1/2 x 32 in)
The Art Institute of Chicago

MONET, Claude
Bordighera, Italy
Oil on canvas
23 5/8 x 28 3/4 in. (60 x 73 cm)
Private collection

MONET, Claude
Bordighera, Italy (DETAIL)
Oil on canvas
23 5/8 x 28 3/4 in. (60 x 73 cm)
Private collection

MONET, Claude
Haystacks at Chailly at Sunrise
Oil on canvas
30 x 60 cm (11 7/8 x 23 3/4 in.)
San Diego Museum of Art

This is an early work done a quarter-century before the famous Wheatstack
series of 1890-91. In those later works, Monet succeeded in expressing the
immutable essence of the Wheatstacks; here they are integrated into the overall
landscape. The relative sizes of the Haystacks as well as the inclination of
the low-lying clouds leads the eye forcefully toward the vanishing point of the
rising sun. This leftward-leaning composition is accentuated by the exaggerated
horizontality of the canvas. The muted colors and relatively finished
brushwork, along with the pyramidal shapes of the haystacks, convey a sense of
permanence that somewhat contradicts the depiction of something as transient as
a sunrise. This is an important early reference point illustrating the artistic
problems Monet worked to resolve as his style developed.

MONET, Claude
The Corniche of Monaco
Oil on canvas
29 1/2 x 37 in. (75 x 94 cm)
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

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