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Dozortsev, Oleg [Russian, 1957- ]

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Oleg Dozortsev, a Modern Day Hieronymus Bosch, a Russian Surrealist painter, creates strangely beautiful characters and scenes that are unlike anything in Contemporary painting. His works are extremely rare and very difficult to come by, so if you are in Palm Desert, please visit the gallery and see this Masterwork while it is still here.

Through substantial and extensive training at the famous and renowned Repin University in St. Petersburg, Russia, Oleg Dosortsev has acquired skills that hold up to any of the Old Masters.

Being unable to use his legs caused by polio when he was a child, Dosortsev was confined to his studio for most of his life and instead of finding inspiration in the outside world he used solely his imagination and his education.

“Education” is also the title of this recent masterpiece that he finished earlier this year. It shows a scholar or professor with all the various tools and signs of learning and teaching, such as a book, a scroll, magnifying glass, reading glasses, sun clock, pressed flowers, a ruler, and a collection of butterflies on the wall.

The attire of the young man as well as all the artifacts has a historical “Oscar Wilde” look to it. Even though everything in the painting seems to have historic references, it isn’t simply copying an existing style. Dosortsev created his own very distinguishable handwriting and draws the viewer in by adding a contemporary edge to the historic nature of the painting.

  Dozortsev, Oleg [Russian, 1957- ]

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