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Cornell, Joseph [American, 1903-1973]

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Cornell, Joseph (1903–72). American sculptor, one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage. He had no formal training in art and his most characteristic works are his highly distinctive ‘boxes.’ These are simple boxes, usually glass-fronted, in which he arranged surprising collections of photographs or Victorian bric-à-brac in a way that has been said to combine the formal austerity of Constructivism with the lively fantasy of Surrealism. Like Kurt Schwitters he could create poetry from the commonplace. Unlike Schwitters, however, he was fascinated not by refuse, garbage, and the discarded, but by fragments of once beautiful and precious objects, relying on the Surrealist technique of irrational juxtaposition and on the evocation of nostalgia for his appeal (he befriended several members of the Surrealist movement who settled in the USA during the Second World War). Cornell also painted and made Surrealist films.

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  Cornell, Joseph [American, 1903-1973]

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Size: 82 KB [thumbnail of semarami.jpg]
Dims: 488 x 695
Type: JPG
File: semarami.jpg
Title: Grand Hotel Semiramis
Size: 104 KB [thumbnail of tilly.jpg]
Dims: 799 x 854
Type: JPG
File: tilly.jpg
Title: Tilly Losch
Size: 117 KB [thumbnail of peninsul.jpg]
Dims: 687 x 973
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File: peninsul.jpg
Title: Toward the Blue Peninsula
Size: 143 KB [thumbnail of gallery.jpg]
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File: gallery.jpg
Title: Habitat Group for a Shooting Gallery
Size: 192 KB [thumbnail of abeille.jpg]
Dims: 1022 x 661
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File: abeille.jpg
Title: Object (Abeilles)
Size: 158 KB [thumbnail of casverso.jpg]
Dims: 887 x 587
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File: casverso.jpg
Title: Verso of Cassiopeia 1
Size: 148 KB [thumbnail of l_egypte.jpg]
Dims: 749 x 890
Type: JPG
File: l_egypte.jpg
Title: L'Egypte de Mlle Cleo de Merode, cours élémentaire d'histoire naturelle
Size: 139 KB [thumbnail of defense.jpg]
Dims: 1002 x 660
Type: JPG
File: defense.jpg
Title: Defense d'Afficher Object
Size: 128 KB [thumbnail of rosevent.jpg]
Dims: 765 x 855
Type: JPG
File: rosevent.jpg
Title: Object (Roses des Vents)
Size: 115 KB [thumbnail of solarset.jpg]
Dims: 970 x 683
Type: JPG
File: solarset.jpg
Title: Untitled (Solar Set)
Size: 144 KB [thumbnail of cassiopa.jpg]
Dims: 872 x 580
Type: JPG
File: cassiopa.jpg
Title: Cassiopeia 1
Size: 93 KB [thumbnail of swanlake.jpg]
Dims: 1035 x 812
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File: swanlake.jpg
Title: A Swan Lake for Tamara Toumanova
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Dims: 499 x 688
Type: JPG
File: juangris.jpg
Title: A Parrot for Juan Gris
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