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Grünewald, Matthias (Matthis Gothart) [German, 1500-1530] 











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Grünewald, Matthias (Matthis Gothart) [German, 1500-1530]

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Matthias Grünewald (born c. 1480, Würzburg, bishopric of Würzburg — died August 1528, Halle, archbishopric of Magdeburg), was a German painter. He was named Mathis Gothardt Neithardt or Mathis Gothart Nithart originally.

Details of his early life are vague. By c. 1509 he was court painter to the archbishop of Mainz and had established a successful career, concentrating on religious themes. Around 1511 he was commissioned to add two wings to the Assumption of the Virgin altarpiece recently completed by Albrecht Dürer. In 1515 he completed his most important commission, the wings of the Isenheim Altarpiece in the Antonite monastery in southern Alsace (now in the museum in Colmar, Fr.). Considered his masterpiece, it features distorted figures, extreme emotional intensity, brooding color, and draperies that expand and contract in accordion pleats, a hallmark of his style. About 10 paintings and 35 drawings survive. He had no known pupils and, unlike his contemporaries, did not produce woodcuts or engravings, but his painterly achievement remains one of the most striking in the history of northern European art.

The image accompanying this article is Grünewald's, John the Baptist, long thought to be a self-portrait. It is a chalk/charcoal rendering on paper, 20.6 x 15.2 cm, and completed sometime between 1512 and 1514.

From October of 1916 through January of 1917, Rudolf Steiner gave a series of nine lectures known as the Art Course. These lectures were given the title of: The History of Art. Click here to discover what Steiner said about Grünewald in the third lecture, or in the entire lecture series.

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  Grünewald, Matthias (Matthis Gothart) [German, 1500-1530]

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Size: 120 KB [thumbnail of grunewald_small_cruc]
Dims: 444 x 650
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File: grunewald_small_cruc
Title: The Small Crucifixion
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File: HA03-071.jpg
Title: Isenheim Altarpiece - Center Panel
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File: HA03-078.jpg
Title: The Temptations of Saint Anthony, Isenheim Altarpiece
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File: Isenheim-Alterpiece-
Title: Isenheimer Altar 2nd View
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File: gruen.jpg
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File: Grunewald_Self_Portr
Title: Half length portrait of a man with a pinfeather looking up
Size: 126 KB [thumbnail of HA03-068.jpg]
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File: HA03-068.jpg
Title: Demons
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File: HA03-079.jpg
Title: Visit of Saint Anthony to Saint Paul the Hermit - Isenheim Altarpiece
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File: thumbnail-butivilnc0
Title: Ten thumbnail pictures
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File: Isenheim-Alterpiece-
Title: Isenheimer Altar 3rd View
Size: 72 KB [thumbnail of HA03-090.jpg]
Dims: 797 x 531
Type: JPG
File: HA03-090.jpg
Title: Detail: Isenheim Altarpiece
Size: 49 KB [thumbnail of _grunewa.jpg]
Dims: 315 x 363
Type: JPG
File: _grunewa.jpg
Title: Thumbnails of 9 pictures
Size: 30 KB [thumbnail of HA03-074.jpg]
Dims: 500 x 322
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File: HA03-074.jpg
Title: Detail: Isenheim Altarpiece - Center Panel
Size: 222 KB [thumbnail of demons.jpg]
Dims: 847 x 1013
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File: demons.jpg
Title: The Temptation of Saint Anthony (detail)
Size: 184 KB [thumbnail of HA03-081.jpg]
Dims: 1074 x 657
Type: JPG
File: HA03-081.jpg
Title: Isenheim Altarpiece
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