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della Francesca, Piero [Italian, 1420?-1492] 











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della Francesca, Piero [Italian, 1420?-1492]

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  della Francesca, Piero [Italian, 1420?-1492]

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Size: 117 KB [thumbnail of frances2.jpg]
Dims: 552 x 700
Type: JPG
File: frances2.jpg
Title: St. Sebastian and John the Baptist (detail, Polyptych of the Misericordia)
Size: 208 KB [thumbnail of montefel.jpg]
Dims: 760 x 1116
Type: JPG
File: montefel.jpg
Title: Madonna and Child with Saints (Montefeltro Altarpiece) (Brera madonna)
Size: 186 KB [thumbnail of saints1.jpg]
Dims: 871 x 997
Type: JPG
File: saints1.jpg
Title: St Augustine (left), St Michael the Archangel (right) (detail: Polyptych of Saint Augustine)
Size: 146 KB [thumbnail of penance.jpg]
Dims: 517 x 700
Type: JPG
File: penance.jpg
Title: The Penance of St. Jerome
Size: 156 KB [thumbnail of proof.jpg]
Dims: 1048 x 484
Type: JPG
File: proof.jpg
Title: Discovery and Proof of the True Cross (detail: The History of the True Cross or The Legend of the True Cross)
Size: 243 KB [thumbnail of HA07-011.jpg]
Dims: 850 x 872
Type: JPG
File: HA07-011.jpg
Title: The Nativity
Size: 166 KB [thumbnail of nativity.jpg]
Dims: 636 x 650
Type: JPG
File: nativity.jpg
Title: (duplicate)
Size: 117 KB [thumbnail of sebastia.jpg]
Dims: 552 x 700
Type: JPG
File: sebastia.jpg
Title: (duplicate)
Size: 152 KB [thumbnail of segnigal.jpg]
Dims: 596 x 700
Type: JPG
File: segnigal.jpg
Title: Madonna di Senigallia
Size: 144 KB [thumbnail of saints2.jpg]
Dims: 868 x 988
Type: JPG
File: saints2.jpg
Title: St John the Evangelist (left), St Nicholas of Tolentino (right) (detail: Polyptych of Saint Augustine)
Size: 80 KB [thumbnail of urbino.jpg]
Dims: 840 x 605
Type: JPG
File: urbino.jpg
Size: 223 KB [thumbnail of resurrex.jpg]
Dims: 863 x 960
Type: JPG
File: resurrex.jpg
Title: The Resurrection
(12 Images, Page 1 of 1)