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Bruegel the Elder, Pieter [Flemish, 1525-1569]

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Pieter Bruegel (about 1525-69), usually known as Pieter Bruegel the Elder to distinguish him from his elder son, was the first in a family of Flemish painters. He spelled his name Brueghel until 1559, and his sons retained the "h" in the spelling of their names.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, generally considered the greatest Flemish painter of the 16th century, is by far the most important member of the family. He was probably born in Breda in the Duchy of Brabant, now in The Netherlands. Accepted as a master in the Antwerp painters’ guild in 1551, he was apprenticed to Coecke van Aelst, a leading Antwerp artist, sculptor, architect, and designer of tapestry and stained glass. Bruegel traveled to Italy in 1551 or 1552, completing a number of paintings, mostly landscapes, there. Returning home in 1553, he settled in Antwerp but ten years later moved permanently to Brussels. He married van Aelst's daughter, Mayken, in 1563. His association with the van Aelst family drew Bruegel to the artistic traditions of the Mechelen (now Malines) region in which allegorical and peasant themes run strongly. His paintings, including his landscapes and scenes of peasant life, stress the absurd and vulgar, yet are full of zest and fine detail. They also expose human weaknesses and follies. He was sometimes called the "peasant Bruegel" from such works as Peasant Wedding Feast (1567).

  Bruegel the Elder, Pieter [Flemish, 1525-1569]

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Title: The Misanthrope
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Title: The Triumph of Death
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Title: The Fall of the Rebel Angels
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Title: The Slaughter of the Innocents
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Title: The Conversion of Saul
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Title:  The Fall of the Angels
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Title: Adoration by the Wise Men (The Adoration of the Kings)
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Title: The Adoration of the Kings (The Adoration of the Magi)
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Title: The Procession to Calvary (The Way to Calvary) detail
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Title: The Procession to Calvary (The Way to Calvary)
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