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Bouguereau, William-Adolphe [French, 1825-1905] 






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Bouguereau, William-Adolphe [French, 1825-1905]

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau (November 30, 1825 — August 19, 1905) was a French academic painter. Bouguereau was a staunch traditionalist whose realistic genre paintings and mythological themes were modern interpretations of Classical subjects with a heavy emphasis on the female human body.

Although he created an idealized world, his almost photo-realistic style was popular with rich art patrons.

Although he created an idealized world, his almost photo-realistic style was popular with rich art patrons. He was very famous in his time but today his subject matter and technique receive relatively little attention compared to the popularity of the Impressionists.>/p>

“One has to seek Beauty and Truth, Sir! As I always say to my pupils, you have to work to the finish. There's only one kind of painting. It is the painting that presents the eye with perfection, the kind of beautiful and impeccable enamel you find in Veronese and Titian.”
— Adolphe-William Bouguereau, 1895

  Bouguereau, William-Adolphe [French, 1825-1905]

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Size: 115 KB
Dims: 800 x 513
Type: JPG
File: rest_harvest.jpg
Title: Rest at Harvest
[thumbnail of rest_harvest.jpg]
Size: 106 KB
Dims: 582 x 1000
Type: JPG
File: bouguereau__william_
Title: Laurel Branch
[thumbnail of bouguereau__william_]
Size: 118 KB
Dims: 560 x 800
Type: JPG
File: offering.jpg
Title: The Thanks Offering
[thumbnail of offering.jpg]
Size: 124 KB
Dims: 400 x 731
Type: JPG
File: bouguereau_-_fileuse
Title: Fileuse (The Spinner)
[thumbnail of bouguereau_-_fileuse]
Size: 146 KB
Dims: 643 x 1000
Type: JPG
File: bouguereau__william_
Title: L'Amour s'envole [Love Takes Flight]
[thumbnail of bouguereau__william_]
Size: 164 KB
Dims: 628 x 768
Type: JPG
File: bouguereau_le-sommei
Title: Le sommeil (Asleep at last)
[thumbnail of bouguereau_le-sommei]
Size: 98 KB
Dims: 595 x 775
Type: JPG
File: fraternal_love.jpg
Title: Fraternal Love
[thumbnail of fraternal_love.jpg]
Size: 125 KB
Dims: 544 x 800
Type: JPG
File: girl_eros.jpg
Title: Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros
[thumbnail of girl_eros.jpg]
Size: 127 KB
Dims: 600 x 1006
Type: JPG
File: AWBouguereau_charite
Title: Charity
[thumbnail of AWBouguereau_charite]
Size: 125 KB
Dims: 545 x 800
Type: JPG
File: song_angels.jpg
Title: Song of the Angels
[thumbnail of song_angels.jpg]
Size: 68 KB
Dims: 400 x 675
Type: JPG
File: bouguereau_-_jeunes_
Title: Young Gypsies
[thumbnail of bouguereau_-_jeunes_]
Size: 118 KB
Dims: 504 x 850
Type: JPG
File: interrupted.jpg
Title: Work Interrupted
[thumbnail of interrupted.jpg]
Size: 98 KB
Dims: 603 x 800
Type: JPG
File: child_bath.jpg
Title: Child at Bath (Petite fille assise au bord de l'eau)
[thumbnail of child_bath.jpg]
Size: 67 KB
Dims: 400 x 671
Type: JPG
File: bouguereau_-_le_gout
Title: Le Goûter (Just a Taste)
[thumbnail of bouguereau_-_le_gout]
Size: 129 KB
Dims: 900 x 458
Type: JPG
File: spring.jpg
Title: Spring
[thumbnail of spring.jpg]
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