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Maryon, Edith Louisa [English, 1872-1924]

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Edith Louisa Maryon (London, 9 February 1872 – 2 May 1924 in Dornach, Switzerland) was an English sculptor. Along with Ita Wegman, she belonged to the innermost circle of founders of anthroposophy and those around Rudolf Steiner.

Edith Maryon was the second of six children. Her parents were John Maryon Simeon and his wife Louisa Church who lived in London where she grew up. Young Edith attended a girls school and later went to a boarding school in the Swiss city of Geneva. During the 1890s, she studied sculpture in London at the Central School of Design, and from 1896 at the Royal College of Arts.

Maryon met Rudolf Steiner in 1912/13, and after the summer of 1914, she moved to Dornach. Edith worked with Steiner on the construction of the first Goetheanum, where she along with Steiner worked on the sculpture, The Representative of Humanity. While in Dornach, she served as the head of the Section of Fine Arts at the Goetheanum. She passed on in 1924 due to the complications of tuberculosis.

  Maryon, Edith Louisa [English, 1872-1924]

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Size: 54 KB
Dims: 427 x 700
Type: JPG
File: Representative-Of-Hu
Title: The Representative of Humanity
[thumbnail of Representative-Of-Hu]
Size: 193 KB
Dims: 958 x 1381
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-La_dans
Title: La danse d'Anitra
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-La_dans]
Size: 357 KB
Dims: 1054 x 2046
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-The_Tri
Title: The Triumph of Peace
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-The_Tri]
Size: 388 KB
Dims: 1350 x 2026
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-A_Poet_
Title: A Poet of Umbria
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-A_Poet_]
Size: 247 KB
Dims: 993 x 1408
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-The_Pix
Title: The Pixies' Ring
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-The_Pix]
Size: 40 KB
Dims: 400 x 560
Type: JPG
File: postk400.jpg
Title: Bust of Christ
[thumbnail of postk400.jpg]
Size: 259 KB
Dims: 1574 x 1184
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-to_the_
Title: To the Witches Revels
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-to_the_]
Size: 569 KB
Dims: 750 x 1200
Type: JPG
File: DSC07185.jpg
Title: The Representative of Humanity (miniature)
[thumbnail of DSC07185.jpg]
Size: 424 KB
Dims: 1203 x 2052
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-The_Mes
Title: The Messenger of Death
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-The_Mes]
Size: 461 KB
Dims: 1395 x 2038
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-Evelyn_
Title: Evelyn and Gloria
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-Evelyn_]
Size: 92 KB
Dims: 800 x 551
Type: JPG
File: first-goetheanum.jpg
Title: First Goetheanum
[thumbnail of first-goetheanum.jpg]
Size: 585 KB
Dims: 2715 x 1720
Type: JPG
File: Edith_Maryon-The_Enc
Title: The Enchanted Garden
[thumbnail of Edith_Maryon-The_Enc]
Size: 202 KB
Dims: 751 x 1000
Type: JPG
File: WNSA-08.jpg
Title: Rudolf Steiner in his Studio
[thumbnail of WNSA-08.jpg]
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