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Dufy, Raoul [French, 1877-1953] 











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Dufy, Raoul [French, 1877-1953]

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  Dufy, Raoul [French, 1877-1953]

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Size: 79 KB [thumbnail of tribute-to-mozart_19]
Dims: 618 x 774
Type: JPG
File: tribute-to-mozart_19
Title: Tribute to Mozart
Size: 82 KB [thumbnail of Billboards_at_Trouvi]
Dims: 607 x 486
Type: JPG
File: Billboards_at_Trouvi
Title: Billboards at Trouville
Size: 52 KB [thumbnail of yacht-at-le-havre_19]
Dims: 657 x 565
Type: JPG
File: yacht-at-le-havre_19
Title: Yacht at Le Havre
Size: 82 KB [thumbnail of pafauv06_2.jpg]
Dims: 700 x 556
Type: JPG
File: pafauv06_2.jpg
Title: Old Houses Along the Honfleur Dock
Size: 145 KB [thumbnail of Portrait-of-Suzanne-]
Dims: 530 x 745
Type: JPG
File: Portrait-of-Suzanne-
Title: Portrait of the Artist's Sister, Suzanne Dufy
Size: 151 KB [thumbnail of cowes_re.jpg]
Dims: 650 x 513
Type: JPG
File: cowes_re.jpg
Title: Regatta at Cowes
Size: 62 KB [thumbnail of RaoulDufy_LeCasinoMa]
Dims: 422 x 336
Type: JPG
File: RaoulDufy_LeCasinoMa
Title: Casino Marie-Christine
Size: 174 KB [thumbnail of raoul_dufyTourEiffel]
Dims: 1024 x 768
Type: JPG
File: raoul_dufyTourEiffel
Title: The Eiffel Tower
Size: 111 KB [thumbnail of Nude.jpg]
Dims: 704 x 1000
Type: JPG
File: Nude.jpg
Title: Nude
Size: 69 KB [thumbnail of three_um.jpg]
Dims: 732 x 599
Type: JPG
File: three_um.jpg
Title: Three Umbrellas
Size: 111 KB [thumbnail of dufy-raoul-01.JPG]
Dims: 779 x 621
Type: JPG
File: dufy-raoul-01.JPG
Title: Market in Marseille
Size: 465 KB [thumbnail of raoul-dufye28094mme-]
Dims: 1136 x 1558
Type: JPG
File: raoul-dufye28094mme-
Title:  Portrait of Mme. Raoul Dufy
Size: 155 KB [thumbnail of 01_Bateaux-et-barque]
Dims: 800 x 671
Type: JPG
File: 01_Bateaux-et-barque
Title: Boats in Martigues
Size: 38 KB [thumbnail of CrayonDufy.jpg]
Dims: 600 x 807
Type: JPG
File: CrayonDufy.jpg
Title: Crayon Drawing
Size: 132 KB [thumbnail of The_Studio.jpg]
Dims: 780 x 640
Type: JPG
File: The_Studio.jpg
Title: The Studio
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