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de Zurbarán, Francisco [Spanish, 1598-?1664] 











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de Zurbarán, Francisco [Spanish, 1598-?1664]

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Francisco de Zurbarán (b. 1598, Fuente de Cantos, d. 1664, Madrid) was a Spanish painter of saints and churchmen. His use of sharply defined, often brilliant, colors, minute detail in simple compositions, strongly three-dimensional modeling of figures, and the shadowed light that brightly illuminates his subjects all give his paintings a solidity and dignity evocative of the solitude and solemnity of monastic life. His work at its best fuses two dominant tendencies in Spanish art, realism and mysticism.

Zurbarán was born of Basque ancestry in Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz Province, on November 7, 1598. He was apprenticed to a minor Spanish painter in Seville but appears to have been influenced early in his career by Michelangelo. In 1617 he went to work in Llerena, and in 1629, at the invitation of the town council, he settled in Seville. Zurbarán spent the next 30 years there, with the exception of two years (1634–35) that he spent in Madrid working for the royal court. Zurbarán left Seville in 1658, after his reputation declined there; he died in Madrid on August 27, 1664.

Zurbarán was only slightly influenced by Diego Rodriguez Velázquez and Jusepe de Ribera. Late in his career, however, he changed his style, according to some critics, for the worse, after being influenced by Bartolomé Estéban Murillo.

Zurbarán's earliest known work, painted when he was 18 years old, is Immaculate Conception (private collection, Bilbao). Other notable early works include Crucifixion (1627–29, Museum of Fine Arts, Seville); several large scenes of the life of St Peter Nolasco (died 1256), the founder of the Mercedarians, originally done for a convent in Seville (1628–29); The Apotheosis of St. Thomas Aquinas (1631, Museum of Fine Arts, Seville); and Still Life with Oranges (1633, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena).

The image that accompanies this article is a detail from Saint Luke as a Painter before Christ on the Cross (see full painting, below). It is widely believed to be a self-portrait.

  de Zurbarán, Francisco [Spanish, 1598-?1664]

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Size: 162 KB
Dims: 899 x 710
Type: JPG
File: vision_of_st_peter_o
Title: The Vision of St Peter of Nolasco
[thumbnail of vision_of_st_peter_o]
Size: 121 KB
Dims: 964 x 768
Type: JPG
File: mercedarians.JPG
Title: The Virgin Mary Bestowing the Habit of Mercedarians on Saint Peter Nolasco
[thumbnail of mercedarians.JPG]
Size: 135 KB
Dims: 589 x 850
Type: JPG
File: adoratio+.jpg
Title: The Adoration of the Shepherds
[thumbnail of adoratio+.jpg]
Size: 152 KB
Dims: 739 x 1002
Type: JPG
File: immaculate_conceptio
Title: Immaculate Conception
[thumbnail of immaculate_conceptio]
Size: 83 KB
Dims: 536 x 700
Type: JPG
File: st_francis.jpg
Title: Saint Francis
[thumbnail of st_francis.jpg]
Size: 49 KB
Dims: 407 x 767
Type: JPG
File: doctor_of_law.jpg
Title: Doctor of Law
[thumbnail of doctor_of_law.jpg]
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Dims: 1263 x 700
Type: JPG
File: still_life.jpg
Title: Still-life with Lemons, Oranges and Rose
[thumbnail of still_life.jpg]
Size: 261 KB
Dims: 507 x 640
Type: JPG
File: aquinas.jpg
Title: The Apotheosis of Thomas Aquinas
[thumbnail of aquinas.jpg]
Size: 108 KB
Dims: 564 x 650
Type: JPG
File: bonavent.jpg
Title: The Lying-in-State of St. Bonaventura
[thumbnail of bonavent.jpg]
Size: 125 KB
Dims: 856 x 678
Type: JPG
File: apparition-of-st-pet
Title: The Apparition of Apostle St Peter to St Peter of Nolasco
[thumbnail of apparition-of-st-pet]
Size: 149 KB
Dims: 1100 x 1364
Type: JPG
File: st_luke.jpg
Title: Saint Luke as a Painter before Christ on the Cross
[thumbnail of st_luke.jpg]
Size: 52 KB
Dims: 574 x 1023
Type: JPG
File: crucifixion.jpg
Title: Crucifixion
[thumbnail of crucifixion.jpg]
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