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Von Maltitz, Hanna (Maltitz, Hanna von) [South African, 1951- ] 











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Von Maltitz, Hanna (Maltitz, Hanna von) [South African, 1951- ]

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Hanna von Maltitz (1951– ) is the youngest of 5 children from an artistic family of a water-colorist, sculptor, dancer and musician-marionetteer. She discovered Anthroposophy in Dornach in 1974 and her life became devoted to this Movement — her two daughters and now two grand children attending the Waldorf Schools. She sold paintings extensively at the Johannesburg Waldorf School Market and moved to Cape Town in 2004 to do three solo exhibitions at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute. The fourth solo is due in November 2014.

Hanna is active in the Christian Community as server and trustee member and involved in the Community retirement cottages. She has published two fantasy novels and loves writing articles, novels and plays and does translations from French and German. Currently she is translating Dr Steiner's German lectures given during 1908. She enjoys sailing, swimming, kayaking on the sea and photography. For two years she lived in France but returned to settle permanently in Cape Town. She is never without her sketchbook although her paintings are all developed out of a play of color without mental planning. The choice of color is born from the mood of the day, or movement develops the gesture. Her oil paintings have evolved out of watercolour veil paintings according to the teachings of Collot D'Herbois.

  Von Maltitz, Hanna (Maltitz, Hanna von) [South African, 1951- ]

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