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Generalic, Ivan [Croatian, 1914-1992]

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Ivan Generalić (December 21, 1914 – November 27, 1992) was a Croatian naïve art painter. He was born in Hlebine near Koprivnica. In elementary school, painting lessons were his greatest joy and as a child he used to earn money. He mostly drew with pencil on paper bags and some of these sketches were seen by Krsto Hegedušić, at the time (1930) just a student of the art academy, later a professor. Hegedušić was impressed with Generalić's work and organized Generalić's first public art exhibition, held in 1931 in the Zagreb Art pavilion. Positive critiques and contacts at the time led to a new era of not only Croatian, but also world art as well.

After World War II, in 1945 he became a member of ULUH (society of Croatian artists). In 1953 he exhibited in Paris, where he lived and painted for a few months. In 1959 he painted The Deer Wedding — his most valuable work, according to followers of the Croatian naïve art world.

Generalić has a large number of followers, beside his colleagues who form the first generation — Franjo Mraz and Mirko Virius. His second generation followers are Franjo Filipović, Dragan Gaži, Josip Generalić, Ivan Večenaj.


  Generalic, Ivan [Croatian, 1914-1992]

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