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Shinn, Everett [American, 1876-1953] 






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Shinn, Everett [American, 1876-1953]

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Everett Shinn (1876–1953) played a many sided role in American art. As a member of the “Ash Can School,” his pastels of New York street scenes ranged from park avenue to the Bowery. His early experience as a newspaper artist-reporter gave him great technical facility which he later exercised as an illustrator for many national magazines such as McClure's, Hearsts International, Everybody's and The Century. Shinn's career as an illustrator, however, was only sporadic.

 He took assignments only when it suited him, primarily when he needed the money. When he didn't, he pursued his many other interests, sometimes for years, before returning to illustration. Part of the charm of his illustrations is their casual insouciance as though he couldn't take himself too seriously. Shinn was also active in theatrical endeavors both as a playwright and actor.

 He painted several murals, including a 22 x 44 foot painting for the city hall in Trenton, New Jersey. Shinn's work is represented in many major museum collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Phillips Memorial Gallery in Washington, D.C.

  Shinn, Everett [American, 1876-1953]

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