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Kahlo, Frida [Mexican, 1907-1954] 






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Kahlo, Frida [Mexican, 1907-1954]

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Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderůn de Rivera (born July 6, 1907, CoyocoŠn, Mexico, died July 13, 1954, CoyocoŠn), Mexican painter. The daughter of a German Jewish photographer, she had polio as a child and at 18 suffered a serious bus accident. She subsequently underwent some 35 operations; during her recovery, she taught herself to paint. She is noted for her intense self-portraits, many reflecting her physical ordeal.

Like many artists working in post-revolutionary Mexico, Kahlo was influenced by Mexican folk art; this is apparent in her use of fantastical elements and bold use of color, and in her depictions of herself wearing traditional Mexican, rather than European-style, dress. Her marriage to painter Diego Rivera (from 1929) was tumultuous, but artistically rewarding.

The Surrealists Andrť Breton and Marcel Duchamp helped arrange exhibits of her work in the U.S. and Europe, and though she denied the connection, the dreamlike quality of her work has often led historians to identify her as a Surrealist. She died at 47. Her house in CoyocoŠn is now the Frida Kahlo Museum.

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  Kahlo, Frida [Mexican, 1907-1954]

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Size: 69 KB
Dims: 842 x 575
Type: JPG
File: fruits_of_the_earth.
Title: Fruits of the Earth
[thumbnail of fruits_of_the_earth.]
Size: 123 KB
Dims: 834 x 623
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_deer.jpg
Title: The Little Deer
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Size: 75 KB
Dims: 591 x 899
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_diego.jpg
Title: Portrait of Diego Rivera
[thumbnail of kahlo_diego.jpg]
Size: 78 KB
Dims: 804 x 691
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_dr_farill.jpg
Title: Self-portrait with the Portrait of Doctor Farill
[thumbnail of kahlo_dr_farill.jpg]
Size: 132 KB
Dims: 679 x 808
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_love_embrace.j
Title: The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, and Senor Xolotl
[thumbnail of kahlo_love_embrace.j]
Size: 66 KB
Dims: 635 x 846
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_self26.jpg
Title: Self-portrait
[thumbnail of kahlo_self26.jpg]
Size: 131 KB
Dims: 656 x 854
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_self40.jpg
Title: Self-portrait
[thumbnail of kahlo_self40.jpg]
Size: 103 KB
Dims: 597 x 887
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_self40b.jpg
Title: Self-portrait (second in 1940)
[thumbnail of kahlo_self40b.jpg]
Size: 104 KB
Dims: 620 x 846
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_selfmonkey.jpg
Title: Self-portrait with Monkey
[thumbnail of kahlo_selfmonkey.jpg]
Size: 87 KB
Dims: 806 x 645
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_small_nips.jpg
Title:  A Few Small Nips
[thumbnail of kahlo_small_nips.jpg]
Size: 122 KB
Dims: 641 x 837
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_tehuana.jpg
Title: Self-portrait as a Tehuana (Diego on My Mind)
[thumbnail of kahlo_tehuana.jpg]
Size: 120 KB
Dims: 617 x 852
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_tree_of_hope.j
Title: Tree of Hope
[thumbnail of kahlo_tree_of_hope.j]
Size: 89 KB
Dims: 662 x 847
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_trotsky.jpg
Title: Self-portrait (Dedicated to Leon Trotsky)
[thumbnail of kahlo_trotsky.jpg]
Size: 135 KB
Dims: 649 x 849
Type: JPG
File: kahlo_water.jpg
Title: What the Water Gave Me
[thumbnail of kahlo_water.jpg]
Size: 93 KB
Dims: 615 x 828
Type: JPG
File: loose_ha.jpg
Title: Self-portrait with Loose Hair
[thumbnail of loose_ha.jpg]
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