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Munch, Edvard [Norwegian, 1863-1944]

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Edvard Munch (b. Dec. 12, 1863, Löten, Nor. – d. Jan. 23, 1944, Ekely, near Oslo) was a Norwegian painter and printmaker whose intense, evocative treatment of psychological and emotional themes was a major influence on the development of German Expressionism in the early 20th century. His painting The Cry (1893) is regarded as an icon of existential anguish.

Young Edvard grew up in Christiania (now Oslo) and studied art under Christian Krohg, a Norwegian naturalistic painter. Munch's parents, a brother, and a sister died while he was still young, which probably explains the bleakness and pessimism of much of his work. Paintings such as The Sick Child (1886), Vampire (1893–94), and Ashes (1894) show his preoccupation with the darker aspects of life.

Munch traveled to Paris in 1885, and his work began to show the influence of French painters — first, the impressionists, and then the postimpressionists — as well as art nouveau design. Like many young artists Munch reacted against conventional behavior, and in 1892 he took part in a controversial exhibit in Berlin. His circle of friends included several writers, one of whom was the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Munch designed the sets for several of Ibsen's plays.

Between 1892 and 1908, Munch spent much of his time in Paris and Berlin, where he became known for his prints — etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts. After 1910 Munch returned to Norway, where he lived and painted until his death. In his later paintings Munch showed more interest in nature, and his work became more colorful and less pessimistic. Munch died in Ekely, near Oslo, on January 23, 1944. He left many of his works to the city of Oslo, which built a museum in his honor.

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  Munch, Edvard [Norwegian, 1863-1944]

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Size: 130 KB [thumbnail of Munch_Ashes.jpg]
Dims: 925 x 795
Type: JPG
File: Munch_Ashes.jpg
Title: Ashes
Size: 97 KB [thumbnail of jealous.jpg]
Dims: 756 x 502
Type: JPG
File: jealous.jpg
Title: Jealousy
Size: 90 KB [thumbnail of munch_workers_return]
Dims: 828 x 585
Type: JPG
File: munch_workers_return
Title: Workers Returning Home (Watercolor)
Size: 149 KB [thumbnail of munch_scream.jpg]
Dims: 813 x 1052
Type: JPG
File: munch_scream.jpg
Title: The Scream
Size: 34 KB [thumbnail of Self_Portrait_with_S]
Dims: 290 x 397
Type: JPG
File: Self_Portrait_with_S
Title: Self Portrait with Skeleton Arm
Size: 136 KB [thumbnail of munch-puberty.jpg]
Dims: 777 x 1068
Type: JPG
File: munch-puberty.jpg
Title: Puberty
Size: 146 KB [thumbnail of munch_workers_return]
Dims: 808 x 643
Type: JPG
File: munch_workers_return
Title: Workers Returning Home (Oil)
Size: 113 KB [thumbnail of Munch_vampire.jpg]
Dims: 700 x 543
Type: JPG
File: Munch_vampire.jpg
Title: Vampire
Size: 97 KB [thumbnail of Munch_death_of_marat]
Dims: 512 x 387
Type: JPG
File: Munch_death_of_marat
Title: Death of Marat I
Size: 639 KB [thumbnail of Edvard_Munch-Madonna]
Dims: 1086 x 1412
Type: JPG
File: Edvard_Munch-Madonna
Title: Madonna
Size: 127 KB [thumbnail of Munch_deathSickroom.]
Dims: 955 x 887
Type: JPG
File: Munch_deathSickroom.
Title: Death in the Sickroom
Size: 89 KB [thumbnail of]
Dims: 700 x 473
Type: JPG
Title: The Dance of Life
Size: 72 KB [thumbnail of TheSickChild-by-Edva]
Dims: 397 x 398
Type: JPG
File: TheSickChild-by-Edva
Title: The Sick Child (4th version)
Size: 83 KB [thumbnail of August_Stindberg.jpg]
Dims: 521 x 700
Type: JPG
File: August_Stindberg.jpg
Title: August Strindberg
Size: 297 KB [thumbnail of Edvard_Munch_Lady_fr]
Dims: 1024 x 538
Type: JPG
File: Edvard_Munch_Lady_fr
Title: Lady from the Sea (detail)
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