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Lichtenstein, Roy [American, 1923-1997]

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Roy Fox Lichtenstein was one of the first American Pop artists to achieve widespread renown, and he became a lightning rod for criticism of the movement. His early work ranged widely in style and subject matter, and displayed considerable understanding of modernist painting: Lichtenstein would often maintain that he was as interested in the abstract qualities of his images as he was in their subject matter. However, the mature Pop style he arrived at in 1961, which was inspired by comic strips, was greeted by accusations of banality, lack of originality, and, later, even copying. His high-impact, iconic images have since become synonymous with Pop art, and his method of creating images, which blended aspects of mechanical reproduction and drawing by hand, has become central to critics' understanding of the significance of the movement.

Roy Lichtenstein played a critical role in subverting the skeptical view of commercial styles and subjects established by the Abstract Expressionists. By embracing "low" art such as comic books and popular illustration, Lichtenstein became one of the most important figures in the Pop art movement. While his paintings of cartoons and comics are his most recognizable work, he had a prolific and somewhat eclectic career that drew from Cubism, Surrealism, and Expressionism. But it is his re-imagining of popular culture through the lens of traditional art history that has remained a considerable influence to later generations of artists, as Pop art went on to significantly inform Postmodernism.


  Lichtenstein, Roy [American, 1923-1997]

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Size: 106 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_jar.jpg]
Dims: 747 x 692
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_jar.jpg
Title: Jar and Apples
Size: 156 KB [thumbnail of]
Dims: 794 x 691
Type: JPG
Title: Blam
Size: 155 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_baroque]
Dims: 895 x 573
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_baroque
Title: Go for Baroque
Size: 189 KB [thumbnail of m-maybe.jpg]
Dims: 802 x 800
Type: JPG
File: m-maybe.jpg
Title: M-Maybe he became ill...
Size: 108 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_golf_ba]
Dims: 639 x 799
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_golf_ba
Title: Still Life with Goldfish Bowl and Painting of a Golf Ball
Size: 148 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_cubist.]
Dims: 574 x 922
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_cubist.
Title: Cubist Still Life with Playing Cards
Size: 149 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_near_wi]
Dims: 818 x 676
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_near_wi
Title: Painting Near Window
Size: 110 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_bananas]
Dims: 865 x 634
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_bananas
Title: Bananas & Grapefruit #1
Size: 173 KB [thumbnail of whaam.jpg]
Dims: 1140 x 484
Type: JPG
File: whaam.jpg
Title: Whaam!
Size: 163 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_takka.j]
Dims: 803 x 665
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_takka.j
Title: Takka Takka
Size: 132 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_waldman]
Dims: 685 x 822
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_waldman
Title: Dr. Waldmann
Size: 91 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_sheets.]
Dims: 612 x 877
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_sheets.
Title: Still Life with Folded Sheets
Size: 127 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_crystal]
Dims: 676 x 828
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_crystal
Title: Still Life with Crystal Bowl
Size: 141 KB [thumbnail of lichtenstein_temple.]
Dims: 844 x 605
Type: JPG
File: lichtenstein_temple.
Title: Temple of Apollo
Size: 220 KB [thumbnail of inthecar.jpg]
Dims: 1009 x 841
Type: JPG
File: inthecar.jpg
Title: In the Car
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