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Caillebotte, Gustav [French, 1848-1894] 











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Caillebotte, Gustav [French, 1848-1894]

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Gustave Caillebotte, b. Aug. 19, 1848, d. Feb. 21, 1894, was a French painter and a generous patron of the Impressionists, whose own works, until recently, were neglected.

He was an engineer by profession, but also attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He met Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre Auguste Renoir in 1874 and helped organize the first impressionist exhibition in Paris that same year. He participated in later shows and painted some 500 works in a more realistic style than that of his friends. Caillebotte's most intriguing paintings are those of the broad, new Parisian boulevards. The boulevards were painted from high vantage points and were populated with elegantly clad figures strolling with the expressionless intensity of somnambulists, as in Boulevard Vu d'en Haut (1880; private collection, Paris). Caillebotte's superb collection of impressionist paintings was left to the French government on his death. With considerable reluctance the government accepted part of the collection.


  Caillebotte, Gustav [French, 1848-1894]

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Size: 158 KB [thumbnail of Dans_un_cafe.jpg]
Dims: 640 x 829
Type: JPG
File: Dans_un_cafe.jpg
Title: Dans un café
Size: 75 KB [thumbnail of les_oran.jpg]
Dims: 557 x 756
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File: les_oran.jpg
Title: Les Orangers (The Orange Trees)
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Dims: 597 x 476
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File: rooftops.jpg
Title: Rooftops under snow
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Dims: 640 x 888
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File: Man_at_His_Bath.jpg
Title: Homme au bain
Size: 224 KB [thumbnail of Le_jardin_du_Petit_G]
Dims: 796 x 977
Type: JPG
File: Le_jardin_du_Petit_G
Title: Le jardin du Petit Gennevilliers en hiver
Size: 206 KB [thumbnail of Femme_Nue_Etendue_Su]
Dims: 1000 x 704
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File: Femme_Nue_Etendue_Su
Title: Nude Lying on a Couch
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Dims: 847 x 566
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File: leurope.jpg
Title: Le pont de l'Europe
Size: 80 KB [thumbnail of selfport+.jpg]
Dims: 653 x 831
Type: JPG
File: selfport+.jpg
Title: Self Portrait
Size: 42 KB [thumbnail of _cailleb.jpg]
Dims: 420 x 242
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File: _cailleb.jpg
Title: Thumbnail Images: Caillebotte
Size: 190 KB [thumbnail of LYerres_pluie.jpg]
Dims: 640 x 869
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File: LYerres_pluie.jpg
Title: L'Yerres, pluie
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Dims: 800 x 930
Type: JPG
File: Nature_Morte.jpg
Title: Yellow Roses in a Vase
Size: 291 KB [thumbnail of Caillebotte.jpg]
Dims: 1024 x 861
Type: JPG
File: Caillebotte.jpg
Title: Portraits à la campagne
Size: 171 KB [thumbnail of fruit.jpg]
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File: fruit.jpg
Title: Fruit Displayed on a Stand
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Size: 224 KB [thumbnail of caillebo.jpg]
Dims: 1280 x 970
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File: caillebo.jpg
Title: Paris: A Rainy Day
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