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Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich [Russian, 1878-1935] 











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Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich [Russian, 1878-1935]

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Kasimir Malevich (1878–1935). Russian painter and designer, with Mondrian the most important pioneer of geometric abstract art.

Born near Kiev; trained at Kiev School of Art and Moscow Academy of Fine Arts; 1913 began creating abstract geometric patterns in style he called suprematism; taught painting in Moscow and Leningrad 1919–21; published book, The Nonobjective World (1926), on his theory; first to exhibit abstract geometric paintings; strove to produce pure, cerebral compositions; famous painting White on White (1918) carries suprematist theories to absolute conclusion; Soviet politics turned against modern art, and he died in poverty and oblivion.

He began working in an unexceptional Post-Impressionist manner, but by 1912 he was painting peasant subjects in a massive ‘tubular’ style similar to that of Léger as well as pictures combining the fragmentation of form of Cubism with the multiplication of the image of Futurism (The Knife Grinder, Yale Univiversity Art Gallery, 1912). Malevich, however, was fired with the desire ‘to free art from the burden of the object’ and launched the Suprematist movement, which brought abstract art to a geometric simplicity more radical than anything previously seen. He claimed that he made a picture ‘consisting of nothing more than a black square on a white field’ as early as 1913, but Suprematist paintings were first made public in Moscow in 1915 and there is often difficulty in dating his work. (There is often difficulty also in knowing which way up his paintings should be hung, photographs of early exhibitions sometimes providing conflicting evidence.)


  Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich [Russian, 1878-1935]

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Size: 285 KB [thumbnail of knife-grinder.jpg]
Dims: 478 x 480
Type: JPG
File: knife-grinder.jpg
Title: The Knife Grinder (Principle of Glittering)
Size: 63 KB [thumbnail of malevich.half-figure]
Dims: 737 x 934
Type: JPG
File: malevich.half-figure
Title: Complex Presentiment: Half-Figure in a Yellow Shirt
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Dims: 605 x 798
Type: JPG
File: woodcutt.jpg
Title: The Woodcutter
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Dims: 420 x 363
Type: JPG
File: _malevic.jpg
Title: 12 thumbnail images
Size: 59 KB [thumbnail of suprema1.jpg]
Dims: 678 x 961
Type: JPG
File: suprema1.jpg
Title: Suprematism
Size: 57 KB [thumbnail of snowstor.jpg]
Dims: 651 x 657
Type: JPG
File: snowstor.jpg
Title: Morning in the Village after Snowstorm
Size: 46 KB [thumbnail of suprema5.jpg]
Dims: 671 x 1010
Type: JPG
File: suprema5.jpg
Title: Suprematist Painting
Size: 84 KB [thumbnail of suprema2.jpg]
Dims: 820 x 820
Type: JPG
File: suprema2.jpg
Title: Suprematism
Size: 78 KB [thumbnail of Self-Portrait.jpg]
Dims: 667 x 700
Type: JPG
File: Self-Portrait.jpg
Title: Self-Portrait
Size: 74 KB [thumbnail of suprema4.jpg]
Dims: 774 x 861
Type: JPG
File: suprema4.jpg
Title: Suprematist Painting
Size: 29 KB [thumbnail of white-white.jpg]
Dims: 500 x 509
Type: JPG
File: white-white.jpg
Title: White on White
Size: 66 KB [thumbnail of suprem56.jpg]
Dims: 770 x 870
Type: JPG
File: suprem56.jpg
Title: Supremus No. 56
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