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Linde, Hermann [German, 1863-1923] 











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Linde, Hermann [German, 1863-1923]

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Hermann Linde (1863–1926) was a classically trained German painter who was born and raised in Lübeck. He is the brother of the patron of the arts and art collector Dr. Max Linde. As early as 1904, he developed a relationship with Rudolf Steiner, who encouraged him to create a form of artistic expression for those on a spiritual path. Inspired by his experiences with Steiner's ideas, Linde dedicated his artistic work to Anthroposophy. He participated in the creation of the stage sets for Steiner's first mystery drama, The Portal of Initiation, performed in Munich in 1910. Later, during World War I, he helped paint the cupolas in the First Goetheanum.

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  Linde, Hermann [German, 1863-1923]

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Dims: 648 x 500
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Title: Cover for Goethe's Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
Size: 280 KB [thumbnail of 0880105704.jpg]
Dims: 648 x 500
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File: 0880105704.jpg
Title: Cover for Goethe's Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
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File: brewery-hall.jpg
Title: Braudiele in Lübeck, um 1900
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File: Hermann_Linde_Afrika
Title: Afrikanischer Junge
Size: 266 KB [thumbnail of Hermann_Linde_Weimar]
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File: Hermann_Linde_Weimar
Title: Die Schlossallee in Weimar
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Dims: 256 x 480
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File: girl.jpg
Title: Girl Standing in a Veranda Wearing a Pochampalli Sari
Size: 81 KB [thumbnail of Goetheanum-Aquarell_]
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File: Goetheanum-Aquarell_
Title: First Goetheanum
Size: 80 KB [thumbnail of Girl_standing_in_a_v]
Dims: 255 x 478
Type: JPG
File: Girl_standing_in_a_v
Title: Girl Standing in a Veranda Wearing a Pochampalli Sari
Size: 20 KB [thumbnail of luebecker_stadtgarte]
Dims: 208 x 300
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File: luebecker_stadtgarte
Title: Lübeck town garden (Johannisstrasse 64)
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File: linde_hermann.jpg
Title: Portrait of the Artist
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