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Bertounesque, André [Canadian, 1937-2005] 











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Bertounesque, André [Canadian, 1937-2005]

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André Bertounesque's richly painted landscapes are romantic without being sentimental, balancing the serenity of a dream with the radiance of a very tangible summer day. His painting gently reconciles man with nature, often portraying the revealing effect of natural light on a scene which would otherwise be overlooked: the corner porch, bend of a path in the deep woods, reclusive garden house.

Born in France, Bertounesque arrived in Canada in 1955 and has maintained home and studio in Quebec ever since. Although his interest in drawing began as a child, the self-taught artist had a hundred other vocations before settling down as a painter in 1963. An avid traveler, his first series of paintings focused on the beaches of coastal Florida before concentrating on the distinct aspects of Canadian landscape.

Since the early 1980s, Bertounesque has participated in several gallery exhibitions in both Canada and the United States, receiving considerable press attention. His painting is collected by several prestigious North American private and corporate collections including: Diversy Corp., Sabex, Boucherville, Information BFG, Gilles Messier Associates, Scotia Bank, Imperial Oil, Quevillon Inc., Gestion informatique Oka, IBM Canada and Air Canada.

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  Bertounesque, André [Canadian, 1937-2005]

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Size: 100 KB [thumbnail of a-2046.jpg]
Dims: 651 x 500
Type: JPG
File: a-2046.jpg
Title: Fille au lit (Girl in Bed)
Size: 93 KB [thumbnail of dimanche_apres-midi.]
Dims: 667 x 530
Type: JPG
File: dimanche_apres-midi.
Title: Sunday Afternoon (Dimanche Apres Midi)
Size: 86 KB [thumbnail of la_cote_nord.jpg]
Dims: 668 x 528
Type: JPG
File: la_cote_nord.jpg
Title: The North Shore (La Côte-Nord)
Size: 70 KB [thumbnail of apres-midi_pluvieux.]
Dims: 671 x 523
Type: JPG
File: apres-midi_pluvieux.
Title: Rainy Afternoon (Apres Midi Pluvieux)
Size: 69 KB [thumbnail of]
Dims: 705 x 518
Type: JPG
Title: On the Foam
Size: 76 KB [thumbnail of les_lilas.jpg]
Dims: 667 x 551
Type: JPG
File: les_lilas.jpg
Title: The Lilacs (Les Lilas)
Size: 27 KB [thumbnail of morning-swim.jpg]
Dims: 474 x 650
Type: JPG
File: morning-swim.jpg
Title: A Morning Swim (Un BaŮo Matinal)
Size: 62 KB [thumbnail of bertounesque_idx01.j]
Dims: 770 x 402
Type: JPG
File: bertounesque_idx01.j
Title: Eight Thumbnail images
Size: 57 KB [thumbnail of bertounesque_idx02.j]
Dims: 782 x 416
Type: JPG
File: bertounesque_idx02.j
Title: Eight Thumbnail images
Size: 63 KB [thumbnail of les_coquillages.jpg]
Dims: 673 x 533
Type: JPG
File: les_coquillages.jpg
Title: Shells (Les Coquillages)
Size: 58 KB [thumbnail of barils_sur_neige.jpg]
Dims: 706 x 530
Type: JPG
File: barils_sur_neige.jpg
Title: Barrels Of Snow (Barils Sur Neige)
Size: 59 KB [thumbnail of bertounesque_idx03.j]
Dims: 774 x 416
Type: JPG
File: bertounesque_idx03.j
Title: Eight Thumbnail images
Size: 65 KB [thumbnail of bertounesque_idx04.j]
Dims: 774 x 420
Type: JPG
File: bertounesque_idx04.j
Title: Eight Thumbnail images
Size: 81 KB [thumbnail of shelter.jpg]
Dims: 630 x 483
Type: JPG
File: shelter.jpg
Title: The Refuge of my Dreams (Le Refuge de mes Reves)
Size: 44 KB [thumbnail of counting-waves.jpg]
Dims: 630 x 500
Type: JPG
File: counting-waves.jpg
Title: Counting the Waves (Contando las Olas)
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