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Marc, Franz [German, 1880-1916]

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Franz Marc was born on February 8, 1880, in Munich, Germany. He studied at the Munich Art Academy and traveled to Paris several times where he saw the work of Gauguin, Van Gogh, Impressionists. With Kandinsky, he founded the almanac Reiter" in 1911 and organized exhibitions with this name. He was a principal member of the First German Salon d'Automne in 1913. At the beginning of World War I, he volunteered for military service and he died near Verdun, France, on March 4, 1916.

Franz Marc was a pioneer in the birth of abstract art at the beginning of the twentieth-century The Blaue Reiter group put forth a new program for art based on exuberant color and on profoundly felt emotional and spiritual states. It was Marc's particular contribution to introduce paradisiacal imagery that had as its dramatis personae a collection of animals, most notably a group of heroic horses.

Tragically, Marc was killed in World War I at the age of thirty-six, but not before he had created some of the most exciting and touching paintings of the Expressionist movement.


  Marc, Franz [German, 1880-1916]

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Size: 224 KB [thumbnail of 3cats.jpg]
Dims: 1091 x 764
Type: JPG
File: 3cats.jpg
Title: Three Cats
Size: 103 KB [thumbnail of waterfall.jpg]
Dims: 600 x 600
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File: waterfall.jpg
Title: The Waterfall
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File: horse-landscape.jpg
Size: 35 KB [thumbnail of marc_bewitched_mill.]
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File: marc_bewitched_mill.
Title: The Bewitched Mill
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Type: JPG
File: animals.jpg
Title: Animals
Size: 40 KB [thumbnail of girl-with-cat.jpg]
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File: girl-with-cat.jpg
Title: Girl with a Cat
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File: fight_forms-1914.jpg
Title: Fighting Forms
Size: 31 KB [thumbnail of marc-mother.jpg]
Dims: 424 x 600
Type: JPG
File: marc-mother.jpg
Title: Portrait of Mother
Size: 60 KB [thumbnail of marc-nude.jpg]
Dims: 490 x 658
Type: JPG
File: marc-nude.jpg
Title: Aktbild auf Zinnober (Zwei Akte auf Rot)
Size: 119 KB [thumbnail of stables.jpg]
Dims: 1049 x 485
Type: JPG
File: stables.jpg
Title: Stables
Size: 135 KB [thumbnail of animals++.jpg]
Dims: 1080 x 794
Type: JPG
File: animals++.jpg
Title: The Fate of the Animals
Size: 62 KB [thumbnail of two-horses.jpg]
Dims: 600 x 526
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File: two-horses.jpg
Title: Two Horses
Size: 30 KB [thumbnail of little-blue-horses.j]
Dims: 600 x 357
Type: JPG
File: little-blue-horses.j
Title: Little Blue Horses
Size: 40 KB [thumbnail of little-yellow-horses]
Dims: 600 x 378
Type: JPG
File: little-yellow-horses
Title: Little Yellow Horses
Size: 62 KB [thumbnail of blue_hor.jpg]
Dims: 576 x 771
Type: JPG
File: blue_hor.jpg
Title: Blue Hoese
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