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Chinese Art

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Chinese Art: # Thumbnails of 9 pictures - _chinese.jpg
Chinese Art: Emperor Hui-tsung (1082-1135): Two Poems [Handscroll] - 2poems.jpg
Chinese Art: Fan K'uan (c. 1023): Travelers Amid Streams and Mountains - travelrs.jpg
Chinese Art: Huang Chen-hsiao (1740): Small screen in the form of a wrist rest - screen.jpg
Chinese Art: Kuo Hsi (1000-1090): Early Spring [Hanging scroll] - spring.jpg
Chinese Art: Ming Dynasty (c. 1620): Winepot with chih-dragon handle - winepot.jpg
Chinese Art: Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127): Long-necked bottle - tingware.jpg
Chinese Art: Southern Sung Dynasty (1127-1279): Mallet-shaped vase with phoenix ears - sungvase.jpg
Chinese Art: Su Shih (1037 - 1101): Poems Written at Huang-chou... - coldfood.jpg
Chinese Art: Wu Chen (1280-1354): Manual of Ink-Bamboo - wu_chen.jpg

Fan K'uan (d. after 1023)
Travelers Amid Streams and Mountains
Hanging scroll
Ink and color on silk
81 1/4 x 40 3/4 in (206.3 x 103.3 cm)

Ming Dynasty (early 17th century)
Winepot with chih-dragon handle and spout
Porcelain, Te-hua ware
height 6 in (15.1 cm)

Huang Chen-hsiao (active early 18th century)
Small screen in the form of a wrist rest with a
   scene of the Gathering at the Orchard Pavilion
Ch'ing Dynasty
dated to fourth year of Ch'ien-lung reign (1739)
Carved ivory
Height 3 5/8 in. (9.2 cm)
Width 1 5/8 in. (4 cm)

Su Shih (1037 - 1101)
Poems Written at Huang-chou on the Cold-Food Festival
Handscroll (Detail)
Datable to 1082
Ink on paper
13 1/2 x 78 1/2 in (34 x 119.5 cm)

Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127)
Long-necked bottle
Porcelain, Ting ware
diameter of mouth 2 7/8 in (7.2 cm)
diameter of base 3 5/8 in (9.2 cm)
height 6 1/4 in (15.9 cm)

Wu Chen (1280-1354)
Manual of Ink-Bamboo
Leaf from an album of 20 paintings and
   2 leaves of calligraphy
dated 1350
Ink on paper
each leaf 16 7/8 x 20 1/2 in (41.3 x 52 cm)

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