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Contemporary Realist

Late 1960's to the Present

Contemporary Realism is the straightforward realistic style of painting which continues to be widely practiced in this post-abstract era. It is different from Photorealism, which is somewhat ironic and conceptual in its nature.

Contemporary Realists form a disparate group, but what they have in common is that they are literate in the concepts of Modern Art, but choose to work in a more traditional form. Many actually began as abstract painters, having come through an educational system dominated by an establishment dismissive of representational painting. Among the best-known artists associated with this movement are Neil Welliver, William Bailey, and Philip Pearlstein. There is an identifiable "group" of Contemporary Realists, but we have used a fairly loose definition to allow inclusion of a larger number of 20th-century realists.

  Contemporary Realist

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5 Galleries
       Bailey, William [American, 1930- ] (9 Images)
       Fish, Janet [American, 1938- ] (6 Images)
       Miscellaneous Contemporary Realist Art (No Images or Galleries Found)
       Wyeth, Andrew Newell [American, 1917- ] (9 Images)
       Wyeth, Jamie (James Browning Wyeth) [American, 1946- ] (31 Images)
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